Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend brunch perfection at The Pig & Pastry Petersham

Visited The Pig & Pastry over two weekends...

and I hereby pronounce it my new favorite cafe.

It was bustling with activity on both occasions; always a good sign don't you think? There were ample parking spaces around.

Decorations were quite rustic and lent the airy place a rather homely feel.

On our first visit, the hubby went for the scrambled eggs with smoked streaky bacon, roast tomato and field mushrooms on toasted sourdough. He loved everything about the dish, heaping praises especially on the amazingly crispy and flavorsome bacon! I tasted some and had to agree.

My breakfast pot was the perfect sweet start to the day; delicious pairing of slightly tart Bircher with crunchy and nutty granola. There could have been more fruits though...

But the star of the day? Definitely their crazily amazing carrot cake! It was enticingly moist, sweet and hit all the spots! The frosting was the right consistency as well, and both that and its sweet flavors were further emphasized by the tart rhubarb and crunchy walnut!

Seriously, the carrot cake alone is worth your trek there.

On our second visit, I saw this as a special on the blackboard and couldn't resist. This yummy concoction was made up of mixed berry, banana, coconut yogurt and honey. Someone please tell me this much sugar is healthy lol.

Hubby thought the coffee, while not outstanding, was decent enough to warrant more future visits!

And according to him, so was the Eggs Benedict with leg ham that was recommended by a course mate.

I'll let the picture below speak for itself. #eggyolkporn

And my sweet, sweet corn fritters, that married perfectly with the poached egg.

Drooling yet?

I personally think this is the best corn fritter I've tried. The hubby who took a few bites told me that it was the best he'd ever had too, definitely better than any he had tried in Melbourne. Sweet, juicy corns that burst in your mouth at every bite, and just the right amount of batter. And let's not forget the consistently good bacon too, and the creamy and fresh avocado and rocket leaves.

Service was consistently friendly and attentive despite the number of patrons. So dear readers, do you really need more reasons to pay this cafe a visit already?

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  1. I love corn fritters, must visit this cafe soon!

  2. love pig and pastry but have yet to try that carrot cake mmm

  3. any breakfast that has ham/bacon/poached egg can never go wrong :D

    1. Cannot agree more. When are you visiting sydney?!

  4. i love this place, so cosy and homely!

    1. But have you tried their carrot cake? ;)

  5. Egg porn alert! Mmmm the carrot cake sounds really good too

    1. It'll be a sin to not try it, seriously.

  6. Great looking place and the food looks tasty. Must get there to try the carrot cake and the bacon. Beautiful photos btw, esp. of those perfectly cooked eggs! Wow. :)