Friday, April 11, 2014

Visting le sister who was holiday-ing in Melbourne

I flew to Melbourne in the beginning of last month to visit my sister Nikki and boy, was it one of the most frustrating trips I'd had so far! First of all, my flight was delayed just to be cancelled an hour later! GAH! Was so mad I was ready to snap at someone, ANYONE! But of course, I didn't. One guy did though; he demanded for immediate cash upfront and yelled expletives at a poor staff who was handing out replacement flight tickets. Hey, I get it, you're ticked off. But so was everyone but how was taking out your frustration on the staffs helping you get there faster?


Moving on, I arrived there the next day and after dropping off my stuffs, met up with Nikki and walked to our destination together, the ever-popular Chez Dre. The cafe was bustling by the time we arrived there and we took a couple of pictures while waiting to be seated.

Okay, maybe more than that but I'm just gonna post a couple lol.

I ordered one of their specials of the day, which honestly did not impress me. For such a long waiting time, I was expecting a LOT better because while the eggs were perfectly poached, it tasted just like very boring Eggs Atlantic, without the Hollandaise sauce. I regretted ordering it. :(

Especially when Nikki's Grand Petit Dejeuner had arrived. I looked on in envy and was happy again when she passed me some samples of all the goodies on it. Everything tasted soooo good, from the flavorful, juicy roasted tomatoes to the creamy roasted potato chunks and the fresh avocado. Now, this is a dish worth waiting 40 minutes for (okay, not really but you get the gist.)

Before we left, I purchased some macarons for the brother and sister-in-law.

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Had dessert in Chokolait after a couple of hours of roaming the CBD. And speaking of roaming, another frustrating thing about the trip was that it was sweltering hot. WHY MELBOURNE, WHYYYYY T_T

Gratuitous self-indulgent big ass selfies.

The jaffa iced chokolait was hands-down the most memorable iced chocolate I have had, with hints of fresh, citrus-y orange. You know it's good when a person who wasn't even really into chocolates gulped it down and a health-conscious one was just like, "Meh, what is this diet thing you speak of?" (that's yours truly by the way, heh)

Here's a healthier option. *snorts* Who am I kidding? Fresh and generous serve. Every bite provided a tiny high that makes you think, who needs drugs when you have chocolate?


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Due to my sister's insistence to have dinner at the ever-popular (read: ever packed) ChangGo, 6-ish pm found us taking a number and queuing up outside the bustling restaurant. I remember whining throughout the ordeal as I was quite hungry so thank God someone saved up from all that waiting by offering us a number that was way ahead of us! :D

Seriously, there would have been at least an hour worth of wait otherwise. =O

We came mainly for this; their popular 8-flavored pork belly (best shared between 3-4 people). I noticed that most tables ordered this as well!


All of them were well-marinated, with each flavor being distinctive. It would have been a very bland meal otherwise! I won't go as far as to give every flavor their own review because this is mostly a preference thing but suffice to say, you'll be able to detect each and everyone of them. The meat itself was good enough to be eaten on its own (if the original was anything to go by!). Tender and fatty enough!

Not for the faint-hearted though!

We ordered a seafood kimchi soup as well. It was really delicious too, not to mention quite generously packed.

Happy, satisfied fatties. Tata, retard. See you in November.

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