Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hugos Manly

Here's what you can do for a relaxing weekend evening. Book a table at the popular Hugos Manly and ask for seats facing this.

And the views were just the beginning... as the food was as awesome as they come, for a beach-side diner that's utterly relaxed in its environment. For the appetizer, I ordered the crab and avocado salad with Avruga caviar and chardonnay dressing ($26). Delicate in taste, with a touch of buttery goodness from the avocado, this beautifully plated dish signaled a good start to the rest of the meal.

The pan seared scallops in the half shell with a cauliflower and goat's cheese puree ($26) were amazingly juicy and plump! Each bite was pure heaven in the mouth, bursting with its own flavors that were complemented by that of all the other ingredients.

I expected no less of the main course, and Hugos did not fail. However, if I were to nitpick, I would say that the fish could have been more moist. Apart from that, this crispy skin barramundi with celeriac puree, potato and leek gratin, prosciutto and peas ($36) couldn't have been better.But I definitely speak for the accompanying ingredients more.

I told the hubby that the restaurant was popular for their pizza, so he picked his favorite chorizo ($26) one. Boy, one bite and I ditched my no-carb-after-6-pm rule for the day! The pizza was crispy with a great smokiness; every bite was cheesy ecstasy! There was no overloading of sauces either. All in all, a very good pizza that I will not mind ditching my diet rules for again.

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