Monday, November 11, 2013

The convenience of and a review of Thai La-Ong

It's raining outside and you've just had a car wash. Plus, you really just want to continue sobbing it out at home instead of going out to satisfy your grumbling tummy. I am sure most of you have experienced the above at some point in your life so what can you do apart from ordering from unhealthy fast food restaurants?

Go to MENULOG, of course!

I was sponsored a $25 voucher by them a few days ago but trust me when I said that it wasn't the only reason that compelled me to write this! Before I begin with my review, here's what you should know; I have more or less known about this service from my friends who have been staying in Melbourne, and from my husband when he used to live here in Sydney alone. I didn't give it a chance because I thought the effort was probably a little too much, what with having to register first and all. I couldn't have been more wrong!

 First of all, you do NOT have to register. Using it is literally as easy as ABC and makes you wonder why you haven't ordered from it before! All you have to do for some piping hot, yummy food to be delivered straight to your door?

1. Enter your postcode/suburb.

Just a very simple, streamlined list of restaurants (pictured below, under [2]) that makes choosing a breeze will immediately appear.

2. Pick your desired restaurant from the simple, concise list.

A rating system, how nifty! I would have hated to order from a restaurant only to find out it serves crappy food.

3. Order, pay and wait! (There's also an option to pick up)

The ordering and paying process are as simple as it gets. I had a text message and an email from them a short while later confirming my order.

 Anddddd the food got to my place in a timely manner. Kudos to Thai La-Ong for a professional service and attitude, and also for proper packaging of their food. They arrived all hot and steaming and the hubby and I just couldn't wait to dig in!

Our order came with a free bag of the crunchiest of crunch prawn crackers.

Their chickens satays were positively HUMONGOUS. According to the hubby, they were really more like flattened chicken breasts that were skewered that anything else but oh, who was complaining? Especially when it was drowning in peanut sauce! Hmmm... These were tender and moist enough to warrant repeated "uhm"s and "ahhh"s.

 I don't want to save the worst dish for the last, as I do not wish for it to turn you off from ordering from the otherwise really good Thai La-Ong... So here goes... Their mussamun beef curry was disappointingly bad. Granted, the curry sauce itself was highly delectable but the beef itself was way too tough. The hubby and I had the worst time chewing them, not to mention swallowing them and therefore had to bin the rest. :(

Going back to positive notes, the classic dish of chicken and cashew nuts were done well. There were oodles of tender chicken pieces alongside a generous serve of cashew nuts to go with them. The vegetables tasted fresh too!

The other dish that we thoroughly enjoyed was the vegetables and tofu stir fried in oyster sauce. It is hard to go wrong with oyster sauce really, except maybe if the ingredients used aren't fresh. Not the case here! And the tofu were such great sponges to mop up all the sauce hehe...

Will I order form Menulog again? Hell yeah! Thai La-Ong, maybe but definitely not their beef dishes again!

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  1. Just tried menulog a few days ago and it was no issues, some first timer specials but limited in the places you can choose from