Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NaruOne's KFC

So, is NaruOne's Korean fried chicken all it's hyped up to be?

Both yes and no.

While they were good and sure, with the perfect batter to meat ratio, I found them a tad overrated. They were definitely no earth-shattering stuffs, and I still prefer my KFC back home (the spicy one, that is as they are more crunchy!). The hubby enjoyed them tremendously though, and since he obviously preferred the original ones, the ever-good-wife aka yours truly ate more of the ones in the sweet and spicy sauce. The sweetness got a little too much after the third piece to be honest and I found myself really struggling to finish the rest.

The banchans they served were pretty ordinary. The only standout here was the kimchi, which I recalled wasn't so spicy it rendered me unable to eat all the hot food without wondering if I was a masochist at heart lol. And with just the right acidity. By the way, these are only served when you order a bowl of rice!

Best dish of the meal? Yes, even better than the fried chicken NaruOne was synonymous with, was the beef short ribs in soy sauce. I wish I had captured a better picture but hidden underneath the heaps of spring onions were heaps of some of the most tender and flavorsome fatty beef! They went so well together with the sauce and there were also glass noodles, all the better to savor the sauce with. This is a must-order on a cold night! Or any night come to think of it, hehe...

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