Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Great Chinese food in the CBD

I have been to Chef's Gallery a total of three times, and have never been disappointed. Especially by their "Chinese roti" that, sad to say, beat Mamak's version. Why sad to say? Because a Malaysian restaurant is supposed to do it better!

Not that Mamak's is bad but...

Have a look at Chef's Gallery (with eggs, shallots and red onion). So fluffy, and it always came out piping hot! There was also none of that thick, doughy taste that I feared in a roti and it was also just oily enough to render it slightly sinful, but in an utterly delicious way. Color me addicted; I always order this when I dine there!

This is a MUST ORDER! I wasn't even a big fan of tofu but found myself thoroughly enjoying every smooth bite, as was the hubby. The preserved vegetables gave the soft but firm tofu a satisfying crunch, and provided a nice salty kick to the its silky plainness. Highly addictive, this one!

The most extravagant dish we ordered that day was the de-boned roast duck with lychees in mint and chilli plum sauce. Remind me to order all my duck de-boned next time as it removed the hassle of tearing the chewy meat off the bones. De-boned like that, all I could focus on was its magnificent, roasted duck meat gamey flavor. The serving was generous enough, and those lychees were just so ridiculously oh-so-plump and burst-in-your-mouth juicy. Only complaint? The skin could be a lot crispier.

These mini burgers with pork fillet, pork floss and mayo in them were the very definition of a diet fail (just look at those fried buns omgggg) but damn if they weren't worth every calorie! Don't let its size and name fool you though; they were actually quite filling. The buns, I am happy to report, were faultless. You know, the "diet? what diet?" kind of faultless. As were the juicy pork fillets encased between them. Now if only they were not so calorie-dense... -_-

We also ordered a dish of Cantonese beef and tendon from their specials menu. This got the hubby's approval, and any dish that gets the nod from a seasoned red-meat eater like him is worthy of your order! They were very tender, with texture like that of a pulled pork. I let the hubby have most of the meat but guess who lapped up all the radishes in it? Mind you, there were a lot of radishes in there but I wasn't about to complain when the gravy that they were coated in tasted so good!

And before I end this post, here are another three reasons why I like the restaurant.

1. Quick, efficient service.
2. Great, relaxed ambience.
3. Beautiful menu with foods that correspond to the real thing.

Go on! Join the queue already. :)

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  1. Chef's Gallery seems to divide my friends quite a lot - some of them love it others find it very, very meh but others (myself included) like it! I think it depends on the choice of dish :/

    1. Could it be because of the prices they were charging? Quite expensive by Chinese food standards if you don't factor in the ambience and service!