Thursday, August 1, 2013

My go-to chicken fix in Sydney...

Hi guys! Gonna share with you my favorite place in Sydney for a chicken fix that is NOT Nando's or KFC.

Ladies and gentlemen, Madam Char Char!

Situated on Crown Street, Surry Hills, Madam Char Char served a steady stream of customers the last time I dined there, and every time the hubby and I drove past it.

Spot the hubby lol.

Delectable display of food that features not only chicken...

I especially love the salad section... they all looked so delicious, which, I personally believe was all the different colors speaking.

They sell burgers too by the way, if you're so inclined.

Service was very quick and efficient. I made my order of a 1/4 chicken with three salads ($15.90) and was asked if I wanted the thigh or the breast. Went for the latter.

Serving was, as always, generous.

Here's a closer look...

And they tasted absolutely delicious! I thought the salads that I had picked complemented the chicken really well; there were grains (not that quinoa was really one, but screw technicalities), copious veges and lean protein. Such a balanced meal I felt healthier even before I started eating lol. My favorite salad was hands down the quinoa!

So good I didn't even mind the arugula (aka rocket) in it.

The hubby ordered the 10-hour braised beef, medium. You can't see it but drowned in the sauce was cous cous and dates. Seriously tender, and with the sweet, thick tomato-ey sauce, this hit just the right spot.

It is very filling, he said.

The day my hubby doesn't order red meat is the day I'll stare him down, and ask, "Okay, who are you and what have you done to my Jason?" Tsk-tsk...

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  1. sounds like great dishes for winter weather

    1. They are! Simple, quick and delicious, sometimes that's all you really need! :)