Friday, August 9, 2013

Salmon lovers unite!

My love affair with salmon began in 2008, right about the time Sushi Zanmai opened its first outlet in KL. Coincidentally, it was also the restaurant where Jason and I had our very first date! Fast forward to five years later, we are happily married and he is still slurping up these delicious morsels of babies with me on a regular basis.

And safe to say, our obsession with salmon began at around the same time.


So... are we lucky or what to be living in the city of Sydney these days, where Japanese restaurants are aplenty, and the seafood are always (well, almost anyway) fresh! Not that a good piece of salmon can only be had raw at a Japanese restaurant, because...

For a quick and simple meal of salmon and some sides, you can't go wrong with Fish Place. I have been here countless times and they always serve up the creamiest, in-house HOT SMOKED salmon!

Besides salmon, they also have a daily "Fish of the day", grilled or battered as according to your preference. There is a courtyard at the back for eating in but on this particular visit, I decided to sit at the front of the shop. People-watching can be quite fun sometimes.

Shared a ginger beer with the hubby. Other drink selections include organic coconut water and the usual suspects of juice, mineral water and Coke.



It tasted amazing, as always. The smokey flavor came through really well and you can tell from the picture above just how moist and soft it was!

And salmon aside, fish and chips are always a delight to be had at Fish Place as well, and the hubby is its biggest fan.

Faultless ratio of batter to dish and from the way the crispy batter crumbled easily to that satisfying crunch in the mouth to those perfect deep-fried golden brown goodness, I dare say this is one of the best we've had yet.

Mr. Biggest Fan agreed wholeheartedly.
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Do yourself a favor and head on down to Masuya with a party of at least 4 people, which was what I did right before my Melbourne trip a month ago, and also on my first visit a couple of months ago. Why?

Because you'll want to order this Sashimi Platter Special ($59)...

Such a value-for-money dish! And I liked how accommodating the waitresses always were when we asked for more scampi in place of the hokki in the default dish (at an extra charge of course). Nothing much to be said about sashimi, really, except the fact that they were all very fresh and cut with the right thickness for that slippery, indulgent taste!

Also speaking of indulgence, we ordered the uni specials as well; I thought the uni and the scallops complemented each other really well while the roe ones were quite a unique contrast of textures and tastes. One part creamy subtle sweetness and one part firm, burst-in-your-mouth saltiness, they made for one flavorsome mouthful!

The Sushi Tasmania ($32.80) was made up of almost all my favorite ingredients in a Japanese meal. I will let the picture speak for itself on this one.

The Wagyu Beef Teriyaki ($34.80) that we had on both visits were melt-in-your-mouth tender. Nothing outstanding but definitely a solid dish for the beef lovers.

If you'd notice, I do not usually go for tempura. There are just too many ways for it to go wrong e.g. too oily, too soggy, too much batter. One of our friends ordered this, and I was glad to find Masuya's ($20.80) none of the above.

 The Spider Roll ($18.80) was pure gastronomic pleasure with a distinct crab taste in those crispy shells coupled with the creamy avocado and spicy mayonnaise.

Counting down the days till I'm back for a third visit!

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We don't usually go to Potts' Point, but when we do, we go for the best Japanese restaurant within the 5 mile radius; this is really just a figure of speech as I do not see many Japanese restaurants around in the area but I welcome anyone who begs to differ!

Busshari on a weekday's evening...

Edamame ($6.50), very lightly salted. No complaints there.

Here's a common question. What's the difference between salmon and ocean trout?

I posed the question to the waiter that took care of our orders as I saw ocean trout on the menu in places where salmon should have been. The answer that I got was that ocean trout was creamier and more fatty; an answer which I highly doubted but Google search results on this question still proved too inconclusive for me to debate that answer in any way.

Said confusion aside, this ocean trout sashimi ($18) was creamy as heck. He really wasn't joking about the creamy part. They were so fresh and delicious and fatty I had to remind myself that I could really do without an extra pound on the scale. And that, was the only reason why the hubby could have half of them lol.

But this Grilled Eggplant topped with miso paste ($14), I had all to myself. What an interesting looking dish! Easy to eat too as it had been sliced into cubes that were very soft and creamy. The white miso boasted of a milkier but lighter taste while the black miso contrasted it by being heavier on the palate, saltier. I liked both but preferred the former!

The roast duck breast ($19) was probably the most forgettable dish of the night. Do not be mistaken, because the funny thing is that I actually remember them being quite yummy, but some foods just somehow didn't leave such an impression on you.

And speaking of impressions, Busshari's sushis probably made the biggest ones of the night. We ordered the Tasmanian roll ($16) and the Prawn Tempura roll ($16).

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, both rolls also aced in the taste department. Think perfectly seasoned sticky sushi rice. Think letting its star ingredients shine without the aid of mayonnaise or any other such condiments.

The Wagyu beef sizzling tobanyaki ($31) ended the meal with a bang for us. Nice marbling, and very juicy and tender; I could stuff my face with this until the waistband of my pants tell me to stop.

Will be back the next time I want to feast on creamy ocean trout and very good sushi in a classy, romantic environment. :)

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I love the idea of Japanese fast food. The hubby and I were just discussing how awesome it was if someone was to open a 24-hour sushi joint, complete with its own drivethru! No more resorting to McDonald's for supper at night, and God knows how much our hearts would thank us for it!

Too bad there are only two like-minded people for now, eh? Oh well... the fuss-free iPad ordering system is the next best thing, I guess. And speaking of that, Yebisu Izakaya is a good place for it, if you don't mind the snaking queue during peak hours.

However, brave it and you'll be treated to a feast of this...

Fresh and cold, slimy salmon sashimi that was beautifully presented. I like my salmon sashimi only a little colder than room temperature, how about you?

The omelette fried rice was probably not the healthiest nor was it the best dish around but boy, did it hit the spot.

The chicken thigh yakitori and the wagyu beef yakitori. Both were good and made for great, satisfying snacks. Waitresses at Yebisu might seem overeager to please at times, but I'd take that any day over standoffish and unpleasant ones.

The tamago mentai might have taken quite a long time to arrive but when it did... Let's just say it was well worth the wait! Fishy and salty, it was best eaten piping hot, but practice some caution or you'll burn your tongue like yours truly did.

Lo and behold the garlic pork roll! One of those dishes I don't see anywhere else, I dare say garlic lovers would enjoy this very much.

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Before Yebisu opened, our iPad menu Japanese fix was to be had at Wagaya. That's not to say that I'd pick one over the other though, but yay to being spoilt for choice! :) Note that Wagaya has actually opened up a branch in the ever-popular Publika mall in KL. Been there once with a friend and let's just say you gotta hand it to them for good quality Japanese across continents!

You might have noticed that I order edamame at every Japanese restaurant. Love it!

Wagaya's salmon sashimi ($7.70) was fresh (and always had been), but cut a little too thinly for my liking. I know that there are people who like their sashimi cut thin and I always wonder why, as they're just not as juicy and creamy. Plus, I'd feel short-changed... but each to their own I guess!

The salmon belly sushi ($9.30) was very good. Worth mentioning was the fish-to-rice ratio that they had.

Deep fried miso eggplant. Another Japanese restaurant all-time favorite; Wagaya's was deep fried to a creamy consistency. Seriously great snack!

See what I mean with their fish-to-rice ratio? The aburi salmon cream cheese roll (left) was utterly pleasing on the tongue! Any fish given the blowtorch treatment would be but the accompanying ingredients of raw onions (smelly breath be damned), cream cheese and cucumber (for that crunchiness) just worked together for one more-ish dish.

The lightly grilled salmon and scallop box sushi (right) was very good too as the ingredients were fresh. Am glad that you can order half a roll these days. I dislike the idea of committing to a long roll which I might end up disliking. Plus, variety is always welcome.

The wagyu steak ($14.50) was good. (Okok fine, so maybe I've run out of ways to describe a good steak)

Eel fried rice with wasabi ($12.90) was also ordered for carb-loading purposes. Sorry, not the most aesthetically-pleasing or perfectly-laid-out dish but I promise you there was plenty of sweet, slippery eel in there. Anyway, we both don't usually like our fried rice wet... but when it was this fragrant? With the crunch from the pungent spring onions to boot?

I can haz another bowl? =D

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  1. there is so much love in this post!i love salmon in any shape or form! yum!

    1. Raw, torched, grilled... YUM YUM YUM!

  2. salmon is one of my favourite seafood! helped me alot with my diet in the past :)

    1. Yeap, and so many health benefits too! :)

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