Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Perfect Japanese fine-dining in Sydney

I first dined at Ocean Room over a year ago with two friends that came down to visit from Perth and recalled being thoroughly happy with the experience, as were my friends. Therefore, when the hubs and I were itching for some good Japanese fine dining that didn't focus too much on sushi, my suggestion of Ocean Room was almost a given.

Went there on Saturday night. Chilly and as such, nothing better than some good Japanese to warm up the bellies... and the soul. :)

That's the Harbour Bridge peekin' at ya!

Love the classy decor and ambience.

The restaurant was still pretty empty when we got there at 6.30pm. It, however, filled up rather quickly and the noise level progressed in the next hour...

Beautiful views. I got excited whenever a ferry sailed by, looking imposing.

Useless shot of my set of plate and cutlery.

Anyway, not too long ago, the hubby had what he thought was the best-tasting sake in the world called the Eikun Ichigin. When he came across it in the Ocean Room's drinks' list, he ordered it without any hesitation and made me try it (I hate alcohol by the way).

And guess what? I thought it was really good for a sake. Actually, it was the first sake I took a sip of that I didn't scrunch up my nose at, and I attribute that to its sweetness. It is described on the menu as an award-winning masterpiece, with a Nashi pear aroma and boasting of a dry, clean finish. Go try it if you are a fan of sake, I dare say you won't regret it.


 Moving on, we started our meal off with the Sashimi Classic ($33). I wish I had paid more attention when the waitress was rounding off on what was what on the beautifully presented dish but I didn't... so I had to settle on letting my readers know that out of the 8 types, I could only name four, namely the ocean trout, tuna, bar cod and cuttlefish. More importantly however, was the fact that they ALL tasted very fresh and good.

Yeap, all of them. We did wait quite a bit for it, but after we polished them off in a rather hurried manner (because they were just so good!), we both agreed that it was definitely worth the wait.

Next to arrive was the Ocean Trout Five Ways ($23).

Fun dish to have at; some very interesting flavors at play here. I like it when restaurants are all experimental with one ingredient, more so when the results are easily available to yours truly on one single serve like this. This is a must-order for all salmon fans!

I picked the Saikyo Miso Cod ($39) with orange-infused miso and ginger-scented risotto as my main. The cod came looking all moist and amazing on a bed of spring onion, and I just couldn't wait to dig in.

Oh so buttery... Moist, tender and it flaked just. Like. That. This seriously gave Nobu's signature dish a run for its money!

I could taste the subtle orange scent in the miso as well, which was quite a refreshing (literally) take on the ubiquitous miso cod (almost all the Japanese fine-dining restaurants I have been to here have it on their menu)! I thought the ginger-scented risotto went quite well with it as well, creamy but with a slight touch of toothsome-ness. Rich and with just a touch of spiciness from the ginger.

Also ordered a side of the wok tossed seasonal greens ($9) to go with my dish and they were stir fried perfectly, nothing to complain about! The green beans were still quite firm, while the bok choy was still quite crunchy in their stalks.

The hubby went for the Aburiyaki Wagyu ($48), which was served bleu, or extra-rare. 

It came with a charcoal grill and the hubby noted to me that he was happy with the novelty factor. He is someone who enjoys making his own steak and as such, found a lot of fun in it. In this case, the marbling of the beef did speak volume but before moving on, here's his side of the Spicy Potato Fries with shicimi pepper mayonnaise ($9). 


Solid, good fries. That means a crisp exterior with a fluffy interior. These come with a slight spiciness as described, and the mayonnaise was... well, mayonnaise, enough said.

Back to the beef.

 Those two sauces you see? Not really needed.

Simply because the beef were extremely tasty on their own! We had it bleu, we had it rare, we had it medium-rare and we had it medium. I think it goes without saying that if the beef can be eaten bleu, that's some seriously good beef right there. And I was right.

All slices to me tasted like heaven on a fork that night; moist, juicy and just so damn succulent despite the thin-nish cut. It tasted especially delicate when eaten bleu! Would have been a little chewy if the cuts were any thicker but they were not.

In conclusion, we were both very, very happy with the experience, from start to finish.

So, Sydney, if you're looking for a good Japanese fine dining restaurant that is also synonymous with consistency and an impeccable service, look no further than Ocean Room.

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Happy belly = happy me!

In love with the Revlon Colorburst lip butter in Lollipop! Impressed that it didn't completely disappear after eating all that food.

Good night now!


  1. ive yet to try this place, looks great!

  2. food looks good, camera low light capability, not so much :/

    1. Fine... I would consider this to be the push I need to dust off my Canon G12 camera then :)