Monday, August 19, 2013

Favorite cafe in Bondi - Trio

This review is about my 2nd visit there and that should already tell you how much I love it. I rarely visit a cafe twice thanks to an abundance of it in Sydney so if I visit again... well, you know you're something.

I made a booking for it online almost a week in advance as the cafe was notoriously busy on the weekends. I remember having to wait 30 minutes before we could get a table on the first visit and didn't intend to repeat the experience. Hungry Yvonne isn't exactly the most bearable person in the world, and the hubby can attest to that. Sorry baby! :P

Got a good table despite being 20 minutes late! Not our fault; there was a massive jam on the way.

Bright, sunshine-y morning, hello! Never thought I'd welcome it so much, what with my hailing from a tropical country and all. Oh well, guess being unable to wear sleeveless tops and shorts for months can do that to a person. :P

I find this pleasing on the eyes. Must also mention that the ratio of hot girls to the average ones in Bondi is a little too high for the taste of my self-esteem.

Oh, and that Trio's service was really friendly and impeccable. I ordered the Breakfast Sundae ($13) as I felt like having something sweet that morning (or every morning actually now that I think about it lol.).

Pretty or what! It also arrived fast enough so I wasn't left starving for too long!

Glad to say that I enjoyed it! Just the right amount of sweetness and don't be fooled by its small-ish size; this baby was actually quite filling. Fresh strawberries and bananas coupled with them very crunchy nuts and muesli made for a super-delicious and utterly soul-pleasing meal.

*sigh of pleasure*

Really, who said you can't have dessert for breakfast? :P And a healthy one at that, hah!

Anyway, before I move on to what the hubby got for himself that day, it's gonna be almost sacrilegious to not point out that I ordered their breakfast tasting plate on my first visit. Good for the indecisive, as every six item was a miniature and getting a taste of so many items at one go is just too good an opportunity to pass up! Glad to say that I enjoyed the tasting plate so much that if the appetite ever beckons, I won't hesitate to order it again. It's obviously more filling than the breakfast sundae, duh...

Now, if only more cafes will do that... hehe.

Moving on, the hubby got himself the Big Breakfast ($22).

His comment was that while everything was good, he couldn't help but feel that the ingredients weren't exactly harmonious with each other. I don't know, Mr. Nitpick, are big breakfasts supposed to be like that? I always thought they were just a random mish-mash of popular breakfast ingredients. Someone please enlighten me!

I think he was happier with his order of the Boss Eggs on the previous visit. Five words. Scrambled eggs and truffle oil, enough said. I married a posh man.

Drink-wise though, he couldn't be any happier on this visit as he loved their flat white ($4) so much he ordered a second cup.

I had a taste of it too and thought it tasted amazing. Wish I could be more descriptive but I'm hardly a coffee connoisseur so you'd just have to settle for "amazing", haha, sorry!

Beautiful morning, good food and the greatest companion. These are the stuffs all morning should be made of. :)

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Non-brunch-related, but am almost gleeful to hear that Lady Gaga's new single Applause isn't doing so well. Pretentiousness will only get you so far darling. =D