Thursday, August 8, 2013

Awesome Thai food at Thai Pothong!

I actually intended to go out for some som tum at The Galleries' Chat Thai tonight but.... seeing as it's raining and super chilly outside, I think I'll have to just settle for blogging about it (and some leftover food in the fridge, le sigh!). Brb, turning the air-conditioning up to a toasty 28 degree celsius!

Now, Thai food. The hubby and I have driven past Newtown on many occasions and besides the annoying proliferation of frozen yogurt shops, Newtown is also known for its many Thai restaurants. I always wondered which to go... and one day, that conundrum was settled when a friend of ours suggested Thai Pothong.

So off we went on a weekday night.

Upon entering... I really enjoyed the decor of the restaurant; it transported me back to that one short trip I had to Bangkok a few years back!

Note that we went at an early dinner time of 6pm. I have heard that this restaurant can get quite crowded on the weekends.

Anyway, we were promptly seated and given a menu to peruse. No shot of what's inside the menu but if you're interested, you can have a look at it on their website here.

By the way, I just wanted to say how much I love it when restaurants have their own websites. I don't know about the rest of you but I really like being able to look at the menu first before visiting a place. Makes it easier to decide on what and exactly how much to order between the hubby and I.

Moving on, we started the meal off with an order of their fresh whole young coconut. It was super refreshing!

First dish to arrive was the Eggplant with Pork ($16.90) stir fried with yellow bean sauce and sweet basil. Solid dish, as the sauce was really fragrant and the pork slices, tender. The eggplant was also tender, and silky; absolutely perfect for soaking up the slightly spicy sauce.

The BBQ chicken ($17.90) that came straight after was probably my favorite dish of the night. Juicy thigh parts that were flavorsome, moist and tender. Charred at just the right amount too for that slight crispiness! Actually, I freakin' love the burnt taste of charred meat but alas, I also equally love not getting cancer so... lol The sweet chili sauce was rather bland though, and I found that I prefer eating the chicken on its own.

My favorite Thai dish, the som tum! Thai Pothong's papaya prawn salad ($12.90) hit almost every spot... ALMOST. Why? Well, it was NOT spicy at all, despite being listed as "medium-spicy" on the menu. But what it completed lacked in spiciness though, was made up for by the generous amount of peanuts, and the four fresh and succulent prawns hidden underneath the heap of toothsome green papaya.

Coconut rice. Hot and fragrant.

And goes hand-in-hand with the well-presented Massaman lamb curry ($19.90)! Eating this was not without guilt initially, but once you have sunk your teeth into the melt-in-your-mouth chunks of lamb, you're forgiven for not giving two hoots about the amount of fat in it. Sweet and aromatic, this dish was the definition of more-ish! And I totally just learned that word by reading way too many food blogs by the way, haha.

With willpower the size of Hulk, I refused to get a dessert even after being presented with this... *pats self on the back*

Service was friendly throughout our meal. After taking care of the bill, we were both given this each as a parting gift.

Didn't eat it though cause it was mint chocolate. There is no other chocolate that I hate more than mint chocolate. I hate its taste, and I detest the very idea of it. Chocolate usually coats one's mouth in sticky sweetness, while mint is something that you eat to freshen your breath. I just find the combination very wrong.

Give me milk chocolate with caramel anyday!

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  1. I love it when restaurants offer their menu online too. thai pothong is good, but then again Newtown is spoilt for choice when it comes to thai food

  2. I had lunch with mum here once, love love love the decor :) would be great for group dining. That curry looks good!