Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weekday brunch at Shenkin Kitchen

My knowledge of Middle Eastern cuisine is severely limited to hummus and pitas, and that is the main reason why I was so intrigued by Shenkin Kitchen after reading about it on Broadsheet. The fact that it is also a fusion between Israeli and Australian cuisine further piqued my interest...

And as such, we found our hungry selves on the quieter stretch of Newtown yesterday afternoon. After parking the car, we walked about a block to get to our destination and voila!

Was greeted by the sight above and a very friendly waitress! We were asked to sit anywhere we like, be it in the shop or outside at the courtyard area.

There was no shortage of beverages to pick from but I didn't feel like having anything to drink then. Notice the Harlem Shake drink? :P

Nice, clean interior...

After making the decision to sit inside, thence come the difficult part...

I ended up choosing something from their blackboard specials, which was the eggplant, spinach and mushroom shakshuka. For those not in the know, shakshuka is basically Hebrew for "mixed up" and is taken to mean a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, onions, often spiced with cumin. More on the dish later because first...

The hubby's flat white coffee!

I have never been a coffee person but I tried it anyway after he told me that it was really good. Hmmmm, I agree. I thought I could get used to it with this one! :)

For his brunch, he picked the Ziva, which comprised of a baked, golden filo pastry (the same pastry used to make baklava) stuffed with spinach, cheese, and served with boiled egg, olives, grated tomato, hummus and spicy coriander.

Food took a long time to arrive at our table but when it did...

It arrived looking all appetizing!

I loved the variety that came with this dish, and ended up mopping up almost all of his hummus with the pita bread that came with my shakshuka! Surprisingly though, the spicy coriander was our clear favorite, despite the fact that we hated coriander; it tasted like a combination of pesto and garlic, and anything with garlic will always score highly in my book.

The hubby said that it was just okay overall. Nothing that would blow anyone's mind away. I beg to differ! I like how the pastry gave and crumbled at the slightest bite, just like a croissant would, not to mention all the sides.

Except the olives. I hate olives.

Anyway, enough about his, here's mine!

I don't think I can express enough how much I love these pita bread! Super soft and so airy I'm salivating just thinking about how perfect they are... and they go with everything on the table. Flour-y and when it comes down to it, they're basically simple carbs at its best!

Close-up of the shakshuka! The serving was actually generous enough for two people.

You can't tell from the picture... but the yolk was oozing out into the sauce...

It was quite zesty as well, and the texture and mildness of the eggplant and mushroom was the perfect foil to the tangy wetness. To describe the sauce, it tasted a little like the diluted version of the tomato paste one uses to make spaghetti bolognese.

Imma start paying more attention to Middle Eastern cuisine beginning today. :)

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  1. Ohh that shakshuka looks so good, it makes me think if baked eggs ...
    Omg the ziva also sounds amazing!! Must try this out one day! :)

    - Cassie @ Next Stop: Food

    1. You should! I'll be looking forward to read your review on it then :)

  2. I can use some of these right now! At first I thought it's sekinchan in Selangor. lol

  3. shakshuka is my weakness! i always love trying out new things!

  4. we were actually at Shenkin Kitchen today! missed out on the food cos we got there really late but the coffee was sooo good!!! definitely heading back there for the food soon