Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Melbourne Trip part 1

Finally got my lazy ass around to blogging about it! I went to Melbourne last week to meet up with the hubby's siblings and my mum-in-law. Anyway, I'll let the photos do most of the talking! Yeah, lazy, I know, but some of us have a husband who is celebrating his birthday today and are dining in Sokyo later okay? Too excited!

But I digress.

Moving along...

Black loose singlet: Kmart
Denim jacket: ASOS
Khaki denim skinnies: Supre

I didn't take ootd pictures everyday while I was there but when I did... I took some selcas to go along with them!

Dinner on the first night was at a place called Queen Street Rescue, suggested to everyone by yours truly. I found out about the place through Urbanspoon and well, a rating of 95% could not be wrong. So off we went to face the dilemma of which dishes to order. First world pain much? Lol! And one way or another, between the six of us, we managed to finally settle on a salad, two dishes from the "to snack" menu and six main courses (not all pictured).

Caesar salad, with a perfectly poached egg. Nothing to fault here.

Singapore Prawns - Tiger prawns in a tomato, chili, ginger, garlic and lime sauce with crispy noodles. We all found the prawns to be really succulent and fresh. This was simply a very good dish.

The trio. In the middle was the salt and pepper calamari with chili jam and lime; I am not such a big fan but everyone else who tasted it said it was good.

Red wine named Sexy Beast. Not a wine person. Actually, not an alcohol person, period.

The mum-in-law got the special of the day which was the Angus rib eye. In the background was the lamb shank ordered by Wesley. Both were very happy with their dishes.

Those hand cut chips totally made our night, I tell ya. Ordered a side of it for everyone to share.

Moving on, I ordered their fish of the day; which was a salmon fillet. The salmon itself was okay (I find that the salmon-y taste was not rich and creamy enough) but the accompanying mixed leaves salad with chickpeas were really good! Not so good though, as to not feel a twinge of regret when...

The hubby's main course arrived.

Look at it in all its glorious 200gm of black angus eye fillet on potao and beetroot rosti and baby spinach, topped off with horseradish cream! The hubby requested for medium rare and one bite was all it took for regret to take its full form. I had to console myself that I had at least, consumed less calories with the fish lol...

Queen Street Rescue on Urbanspoon

Went to the famous Mart 130 the next day.

Insta-Video of the place if you're ever so inclined.

Behold the Mart corn fritter stack with Harris smoked salmon, goat's curd, beetroot relish, dill-caper salsa! Bordering on having too much going on in a plate but it knew when to stop and was hence, a very good, balanced dish! I especially liked the fritters; every forkful let loose the sweet corn kennels to tumble down onto the plate. They made for a good medium-light carb base for all the ingredients!

Sounds stupid but I thought it was rather fun to eat too. Some goat's curd with this forkful, some goat's curd AND beetroot relish with the other... you get the gist!

Shared some Bircher muesli with fresh fruits with Sebrina. The fruits tasted fresh and juicily sweet and it was an overall good dish. Trust them to make nutritious food taste so good you felt like you were eating dessert. I recently made my own Bircher muesli by soaking Uncle Toby's oats in coconut water overnight in the absence of apple juice... and ended up not really happy with the taste. Looking at this now makes me want to go back there so bad. T_T

Corn fritter stack, grilled bacon, tomato relish, sour cream, coriander.

The hubby's thyme roasted mushrooms. rosemary polenta, spinach, poached eggs and truffle hollandaise. I tried some and let's just say you can't really go wrong with runny egg yolk and the taste of truffle. The hubby is a big, stinkin' fan of the truffles. Such a high roller, this man that I married wtf.

I don't remember the last time my mother-in-law didn't order something sweet for breakfast lol! The day at Mart 130 proved to be no exception with her triple pancake stack with pure maple syrup and ice cream of the day. So fluffy and good-looking, them pancakes are!

Mart 130 on Urbanspoon

To be continued!

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