Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just another Thursday

As the boy's hospital stint began only in the afternoon today, we headed out for a quick brunch nearby. Living next to Surry Hills means I get to try out a new cafe every time and this morning was no different.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Book Kitchen!

It was relatively quiet on this particular Thursday morning, considering the manic crowd at the opposite Bourke Street Bakery.

All the better for moi as I hate waiting too long for my food, hip cafe or not.

This picture doesn't do the muffins justice; they looked positively divine up close.

The menu.

The hubby's flat white coffee. He said it was decent.

And his Spanish baked eggs with chorizo. He said while it was quite good, the price wasn't really justified.

My trio of corn fritters with avocado salsa, poached egg and smoked salmon. I echoed his sentiment; my dish could really do with a little more salmon and avocado salsa. The corn fritters were quite good though... They reminded me a little of Mart 130's.

If I were to further nitpick however, I'd also say that the salmon was cut up rather coarsely and didn't taste so good as it was at a room temperature. All was forgiven though (almost anyway), after I poked at the egg. Hmmmm, runny yolk...

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 On a side note, I've got my entire Thursday sorted out with the August issue of Vivi!

Classy fashion? Please, ain't nobody got the time for that! Plenty of time to do it after you hit the age of 30. As of now...

Bring on the ripped jeans and the flatforms! :)


P/S: Three blog posts in two days, man I'm on a roll!

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